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I Remember... (Blake x Male Reader)
"Hey... Remember me?"

"Remember the times we've spent together, how much fun we had..."
"Hey Blake..." (y/n) said as he looked at the black haired girl and smiled.
"What is it?" She replied as she looked up from her book.
"I was thinking..."
"Oh no..."
"Why don't you smile often? I mean, come on Blake! Do me a favor, smile!"
Blake gave a small chuckle to (y/n)'s request. However despite chuckling, she never really did give so much as a small smile. No matter how much (y/n) asked and asked and asked, she would never smile. It was probably just something she doesn't do often, but even so, (y/n) never stopped trying.
"Remember how I tried to make you smile? I wouldn't stop trying 'till you did, but you never did smile, so I never did stop..."
"I remembered pulling you in for games that I played, they were so much fun for me so I wanted to see if they could make you smile..."

Blake was calmly sitting down on a cafe, reading a book before s
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Errors! (Blanc x Male Reader)

"Hey Blanc!!" A voice popped out as Blanc gave an annoyed look on her face.
"Ugh... what do you want (y/n)?" She replied.
"Can we go outside? I wanna go sightseeing!"
"Ugh... we have work to do!" She yelled angrily.
"Boooorrriiinnnggg!!" He groaned out as she facepalmed.
"COME ON!!! LET'S GO!!" He yelled as Blanc held the temples of her head.
(y/n) wasn't always like this, he was very different when they first met. Long ago, Blanc was doing her work on her PC until suddenly an email randomly popped out of nowhere.
"Eh? Who is this from?" She asked herself curiously as she opens the email. Then all of a sudden her pc screen turned black.
"WHAT?! WHO THE HELL WOULD HAVE THE GUTS TO SEND THIS TO A GODDESS?! IS THIS SOME KIND OF PRANK?!" She yelled angrily as her eyes flashed red until a random 'Installation Complete' message popped up in bold letters.
"Installation... What in the world did I-"
"H-Hello..." A shy voice appeared out of nowhere.
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Birthdays! (Miku x Male!Reader)
A Childhood friend, a very important phrase to most people. These people are usually the friends one makes in their childhood and may or may not carry them throughout the rest of their lives. (y/n) was a regular person living a regular but happy life with his childhood friend Hatsune Miku.
He met her when his parents introduced him to her since their parents were very good friends at the time. Soon these two eventually grew a bond stronger than any bond ever seen before. They would usually play together, eat together, they even used to sleep and take baths with each other until they weren't allowed to anymore because of the curse of growing up. (y/n) was an intelligent type of person, he would always help Miku with things like Math, Science, and other various subjects, he was the responsible but shy one among the duo. Miku was the creative type, good at the arts, music, and other creative things, unlike (y/n), she was outgoing. (y/n) would always cook for her and take care for her, eno
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Love Letter! [Rin Kagamine x Male Reader AU]

Valentines Day, and a school day. The worst day combination anybody could have ever experienced. Well... anybody but (y/n). He was excited for it. He thought it as a way to finally express his love to Rin Kagamine, a yellow haired, sweet, beautiful, tsundere teen. (y/n) loved the person a few years ago, even before she turned into a tsundere. (y/n) wasn't a very good-looking guy before, but he changed everything to become what he looks like now. (y/n) was walking to his classroom, holding an envelope with a heart sticker on the flap.
"That's it! Finally done! My love letter!" He yelled to himself as he tucked it into his bag.
'Right! Today's the day that I confess my love! I may get rejected, or straight punched on the face! But why the hell should I care?' He mentally encouraged himself as he opened the sliding door to his classroom.
There he spotted the yellow haired person he was looking for, although something felt wrong. She was in a panicky st
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Second Chance (Weiss Schnee x Male!Reader [Part 3]

"This is getting awkward, I should proooobably go..." Ruby said as she drifted away from the pair.
"W-What?" Weiss asked in shock as she was on the verge of tears.
"I said have we met before?" (y/n) continued with a smile.
"Of course we have you dunce!" She yelled as tears began to fall from her eyes.
"R-Really?" (y/n) continued as Weiss began to get something from her pocket.
"Look at this! You gave it to me at Valentine's day a few years ago! D-Don't you remember?"
"Remember what?" He asked with a bigger smile.
"N-No... um... H-Here you have to remember this r-right?" She asked with a shaky voice as she opened her locket to reveal her and (y/n) both as a child.
"Hehehe... well... I assume that's you... but who's that one?" (y/n) asked as he pointed to a child version of him.
"Hey (y/n)! We gotta go! Its already 2!" Yelled Sasha as she and the rest of the group prepared to leave.
"Oh really? Well then! Nice meeting you Weiss I'll be on my way! Bye!
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Second Chance (Weiss Schnee x Male Reader [Part 2]

(y/n) and Shinpitekina did accept Ozpin's offer. However they did stay in one condition, they get to stay as a group. Ozpin then accepts it and allows them to be a group, so here they are now! Shinpitekina's members!
(y/n)- Leader of the group. Has the power to "deceive" other people, making them see things that aren't really there. He can actually shatter people's perspective on reality.
Sasha- Assistant leader of the group. Although she does more of the leading  part compared to (y/n). She has the power to make things an people disappear without a trace.
Luke- Third Member of the group. He can read other's minds, even has the power to communicate with other creature such as Grimm, one of the main reasons why they weren't killed yet.
Stef- Fourth Member of the group. She can just as easily freeze people by looking into their eyes. She uses it on (y/n) a lot whenever he teases her.
Kiara- Fifth Member of the group. She can easily attract attent
:iconredeyedghoul:RedEyedGhoul 69 28
Mon Amie! (Minami x Male Reader [Part 2])

The school infirmary, the place for all injured students. And also some students who are too lazy to attend classes, so they just say they had a headache, admit it you've done it before. (y/n) is found lying on a bed, surrounded by a few people. The few people surrounding him can be heard talking with each other.
"Geez Minami... you did a number on him..."
"How was I supposed to know that that wasn't Kouta!!"
"Well... its kinda obvious..."
"What?! Mizuki you believe me right?!"
"Well... um... I believe what Akihisa believes..."
"Eh?! Whatever! I'm leaving!!" A bunch of footsteps were heard, then followed a door slam.
"Shush... He's waking up..." A voice spoke softly as (y/n) slowly opened his eyes.
"Uugh..." (y/n) let out a small groan as he struggled to keep his eyes awake.
"Uh... hey?" Akihisa said as he waved his hand infront of (y/n).
"Akihisa?" (y/n) asked as he slowly sat up from his bed.
"Woah... geez for a second there I thought you died!" A
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Waiter Guy (Belarus x Waiter!Male Reader)

Belarus was walking alone down the sidewalk. Quite angry at something, probably because she got rejected by her big brother, Russia, again.
"Ugh... I'm hungry..." She sighed as she held her stomach with a worried face.
She then looked right to see a diner. "Hm... that would do I guess..." She sighed as she started to head to the diner.
She enters the diner to see a load of people sitting, eating, enjoying their time. Which was probably difficult since the diner only had one waiter.
He had (h/c) hair, stood around (height in ft) foot tall, and was devilishly handsome. He turned to ber direction and smiled. She gave a slight blush before sitting down at the chair.
"Hey! What can I do for ya?" The (h/c) haired man asked as he pulled up a notepad and a pen.
"I'll have the... salad?" She said as she looked away blushing.
"Very well!! What name shall the order be placed on?" He smiled as he jotted down the order on the notepad.
"N-Natalya... Natalya Arlov
:iconredeyedghoul:RedEyedGhoul 69 20
Second Chance (Weiss Schnee x Male Reader

3 years ago... a friend of Weiss left, his name was (y/n), he left due to the request of Weiss which Weiss did regret later on. After his disappearance, Weiss felt a huge emotional grief. She won't talk with anybody, won't eat, won't even attend school, she just sits on her bed looking at the locket as tears would fall from her face.
"Snap out of it Weiss!!" Ruby yelled as she shakes Weiss by the shoulder.
Instead of reacting like she always does by calling her a dunce. She just accepted it and allowed her to shake her while looking lifelessly at the wall.
"Its not gonna work Ruby..." Yang muttered as she stared at Weiss's condition.
"It has to!! Come on Weiss!! SNAP! OUT! OF! IT!!" She yelled louder but Weiss just looked away lifelessly.
"Weiss listen... (y/n) would probably come back sooner or later! I promise you!! But now he left and you need to get over it!!" Ruby yelled.
"But... what if I can't?" Weiss managed to speak quietly, however this st
:iconredeyedghoul:RedEyedGhoul 114 29
My Queen! (Umaru Doma x Male Reader)

(This isn't part of the game btw xD That's for tomorrow~)
Umaru was playing an rpg game while Taihei was doing his work on the computer as usual. They were expecting a guest today for dinner, his name was (y/n). Umaru's best childhood friend. Although she may have some feelings for the (h/c) haired lad. That and he knows about her "secret".
"Umaru!!" Taihei yelled across the room as Umaru stopped playing and looked at him.
"Deeerrrppp..." She said with a derpy expression.
"I'll be buying groceries today. Do you want anything?" He asked as he began to leave.
"Cola!! Oh and the new manga!!" She yelled happily.
"Fine..." He muttered as he left as she got back to her game. 20 minutes after playing she got to the final boss.
"Come on!! Ugh!! I died again?!" She yelled at herself angrily.
"I give up!!" She shouted as she closed her eyes and fell down to the ground.
"My Queen!!" A male's voice shouted. This caused her to wake up.
"Huh?! Where... am I?" She
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Memories (Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader)

It was another of Prof. Oobleck's classes. The class just recieved their test papers so as usual what do they do? Compare it.
"Hey, Weiss!! How much did you get?" Yang said while holding her test paper.
"100... as usual..." Weiss replied in a moderate tone.
"I got a... 66!!" Yang yelled happily as she showed off her paper laughing.
"Uh... you didn't study... didn't you?" Weiss replied while checking her paper.
"Nope!" Yang replied happily while taking back the paper and folded it into a paper crane.
The school bell rung meaning the end of classes. Since it was Friday it ment no school on the next day. Yang went back to the RWBY dorm.
She started eating the leftovers she bought back at the resturaunt. She was eating happily until suddenly...
"Hey Yang!!" Ruby yelled while running to her.
"Oh! Hey Ruby! What's up?" Yang asked while taking another bite from her food.
"I have a question for you!" Ruby asked excitedly.
"Okay! Lay it on me!" Yang yelled as
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Mon Amie! (Minami x Male Reader [Part 1])

"Dear (y/n),
              Thank you for enrolling in Fumizuki Academy. We regret to inform you that due to your late enrollment we have no choice but to place you in Class F. The stats of your avatar will be based on your grades from your last school (s/n). Thank you very much." A (h/c) haired man spoke to himself while reading the letter.
"Wow... because I enrolled late they gave me Class F... What kind of section is that?! Well... it couldn't be that bad!" He said to himself as he made his way to the class.
"Class A... B... C... D... E... and-" He got cut off when he saw the sign of the Class F fall down on a guy's head.
"I'm okay!" He yelled as he got up and continued walking.
"Class.... F..." He mumbled as he picked up the sign and screwed it back to place.
"It would probably be better than it looks!" He says as he wipes the dust off the sign with his hand.
"Hello?" He says as he knocks on the door of the clas
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As Cold As Ice (Weiss Schnee x Male Reader)

It was another day in Beacon, everybody in the RWBY dorm has left for a little walk down Vale, well except for Weiss. She seemed to be ecstatically waiting for somebody to enter.
"Let's see... its 1:59 now so he should be here in three... two... one..."
The door suddenly bursts open to reveal a (h/c) haired man. "Weiss!!!" He yelled as he ran up and hugged her.
"Hello (y/n)! On time as always! So what do you propose we do today?" She says as she gets up from the chair.
"How about a walk around Vale? I heard about this new restaurant that serves all kinds of food from different places! We could eat there later!" (y/n) says excitedly.
"Um... sure okay! Whatever makes you happy!" Weiss says as she gets up and leaves the dorm.
For you see (y/n) and Weiss were childhood friends. They stuck together through thick and thin. However no matter how close the two were, they weren't a couple. (y/n) does have feeling for the white haired snow angel, Weiss never
:iconredeyedghoul:RedEyedGhoul 114 53
Lazy Love (Ruby Rose x OP!Male Reader [Part 6])

'(y/n)... its his funeral today... I didn't kill him! I swear it! But nobody believes me... Everybody hates me... Was I hallucinating? It all seemed so real its impossible! I saw Roman not (y/n)!' Ruby's line of thought got cut off as the door opens.
"R-Ruby... its time... let's go..." Weiss says as she leaves.
Ruby got up and wore her black dress. A usual outfit color to wear during funerals. She then leaves and attends the funeral of (y/n). There she caught up to Team __MN. Or what's left of them anyway. They weren't their usual loud happy selves, they were all depressed.
"H-Hey guys!" She says as she runs up to them.
(f/n) turns around with an enraged look before going back to his usual face and spoke. "Ruby... listen up okay? For today I want a truce... (y/n) would haunt me if he found out about our conflicts... we are both here to pay respects to him so lets do it with peace okay?" He asks with a small smile.
"S-sure.." She says before leaving
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Jealous?! Nope [Nyo!England x Male Reader AU]

[Alice's PoV]
Another day at World Academy W. While waiting for the teacher to arrive I was casually reading my book as usual until the door opened. Which sparked a conversation that caught my attention.
"Hey! (y/n)! What's up dude?" A man with red hair spoke.
"Oh Nico! Everything's fine!" He replied happily.
"Oh dude! You should check out this new shop downtown! They sell the best burgers!"
"Okay dude..."
Its quite annoying for me. Everytime I hear (y/n) engage in conversations I can't help but listen in. I may have a little crush on him but it doesn't really matter. We have the same classes all the time, we would always end up as classmates for the whole day no matter what day. I never really got the chance to talk to him often.
"Yo Alice... are you alright?" A voice I recognized as Amelia's called out to me.
"O-Oh... I'm fine..." I reply in my usual tone.
"Really dude? You don't seem like it... Something wrong?" Amelia asks as she goes closer to
:iconredeyedghoul:RedEyedGhoul 59 4
My Youtuber 2! [Rin x Youtuber!Male Reader-Part 2]

Silence struck the room as Len and Kaito stared at the person right in front of them. All (y/n) could do was stare back. Then Len put an angry look on his face as he walked up to (y/n).
"E-eh?! L-Len wh-what are you doing?! Gwah!" (y/n) screamed in pain as the angry Len punched his shoulder.
"That's what you get for leaving my sis!" He says angrily.
"K-K-Kaito... H-Help!" (y/n) says in a struggling voice.
Then even Kaito starts walking up to (y/n) and punches him in the other shoulder.
"And that's what you get for making everybody else cry for a day!" He shouts angrily.
After minutes of squirming around in pain (y/n) got up and sat down on the couch.
"So... where's the rest?" (y/n) asks as Kaito heads to the kitchen.
"Rin, Luka, and Miku are shopping today..." Kaito says as he comes back with snacks.
"Uh-oh! Seems like Mr.(yt/n) here misses his girlfriend!" Len says while seating beside (y/n) and eating a banana.
"Haha... whatever dude..."
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Kagerou Daze by nuriko-kun Kagerou Daze :iconnuriko-kun:nuriko-kun 4,424 84 Escape by RyuzeNanzuke Escape :iconryuzenanzuke:RyuzeNanzuke 112 0 39 by minland4099 39 :iconminland4099:minland4099 430 11 39 by asml30 39 :iconasml30:asml30 770 20 [HDN] Ridin' Dirty by Men-dont-scream [HDN] Ridin' Dirty :iconmen-dont-scream:Men-dont-scream 434 110 Dawn of Winter Tale by RaphaelleM Dawn of Winter Tale :iconraphaellem:RaphaelleM 142 2 Rin Render by ChibiKiiro Rin Render :iconchibikiiro:ChibiKiiro 18 0 Momo Kisaragi Render by ChibiKiiro Momo Kisaragi Render :iconchibikiiro:ChibiKiiro 9 0 Kagerou Project Kisaragi Momo cute render png by SeikiYukine Kagerou Project Kisaragi Momo cute render png :iconseikiyukine:SeikiYukine 4 0 Mirai Kyoukai No Kanata  No glasses Before/After by SeikiYukine Mirai Kyoukai No Kanata No glasses Before/After :iconseikiyukine:SeikiYukine 8 1 Lapis Angel baby render by SeikiYukine Lapis Angel baby render :iconseikiyukine:SeikiYukine 3 0
Ruby Rose x Reader. Please Don't Leave
I never thought I'd see the day I get ten watchers.
So let's celebrate with the Feels!
Here we goooooo!
You fought back. It was the only thing you could do. Your parents were abusive. They though you were a problem, a mistake. They wanted you to die. They tried to kill you, and you fought back.
You had a power never seen before, you didn't mean to kill them, but it happened. They're dead. That was years ago. Now you're alone on the streets, looking for a way to stay alive, while hiding your true self from the others.
You gave up and sat down, but you heard someone approaching. You started shaking, you thought someone was there to kill you.
"Hello there Mr. (Y/n), I've heard a lot about you."
"Who are you? And what do you want from me?"
"I'm Professor Ozpin, and I want you to join my academy."
"Why should I?"
"We'll give you food."
"I'm in."
-timeskippu, you have your team already-
You passed initiation, It was really easy for you, and you were no
:iconthediamondriolu:TheDiamondRiolu 36 35
Anfnf Miku X Reader ending
If this is the first story you read, please start reading from
This is a multi ending story!
Miku was very glad that she was the first to meet you. She had enjoyed your company from the moment she saw you in the room. Everytime she was near you, she felt some warm feeling, but she could never put her finger on what that feeling was.
'I wonder what that feeling is...'
She was brought out of her thoughts by you poking her on the cheek. You always did that when you were bored and wanted to play with her. She looked at you and smiled, then pinched your cheek softly.
You smiled at this and proceeded to sit next to her on the couch. Rin walked in and took one look at you two from behind. Without you two noticing, she took a picture and drew a heart on it and sent it to the rest of the vocaloids.
After a few minutes, Miku picked up a game which immediately brightened
:iconthediamondriolu:TheDiamondRiolu 7 6
The Sword that was too heavy to even be called one
~{....Opening up.....}~
You looked down to see the bane of you're predicament and saw.....a girl. She didn't look out of the ordinary from when you took in her looks but something on her head made you think otherwise.
'What....the hell?...she has bunny ears?.....strange things in this damn city...I swear.'
"Sorry about that, let me help you."
"O-Ok....thank you."
Her voice made her sound like she was on the verge of crying, Nonetheless you held out a hand and pulled her up.
"Be careful."
"Ok I-I will....."
She shuffled timidly in the one place she stood and spoke once again.
"M-My names-"
You brought up a hand in front of her to signal her to stop.
"I don't need to know you're name...please, sorry if I come off rude but it's for...personal reasons. Remember what I said and be careful."
Was the only advice you gave her before turning around and leaving her there to give you a curious look as you're shadow slowly dispersed into darkness from within the hall.
She timidly smiled.
"He seeme
:iconmunchingpotatoes:MunchingPotatoes 12 51
The Sword that was too heavy to even be called one
~{....The Encounter....}~
The hall's of beacon were filled with life, Mainly students chatting away about the school and other simple things that have happened. For once in a long time you smirked, It's been so long since you've felt friendly aura and peace for just a little moment.
After remembering all of that you were walking around trying to find the headmaster of this school so you can at least register yourself. You felt many eyes on you because of you're appearence and probably the big object that was hanging on your back.
"It seems that people just can't keep there eyes off me....tsk, I hate onlookers."
There were many whispers regarding you're looks from many girls. Jealous or hateful glares from the male population of this school and it was bothering you quite a bit but you just pulled through and finally found the office.
*Knock knock*
"You may enter."
The voice was low but Stern with some confidence behind it. You gave another toothy grin, you just loved bringing guys with
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Hey!! Name's Red and welcome to my profile!! Here's some stuff bout' me!
-Favorite animes are... (by order)
1)Mekakucity Actors
2)Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation
4)Tokyo Ghoul
6)No Game No Life
7)Sword Art Online
8)Attack On Titan

Favorite Music
2)K-On Songs
3)Pretty Much all Vocaloid xD

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That moment when you have the PERFECT idea, but life's like yea ya can't write that xD
welp... that was a totally embarrassing attempt at a happy ending xD never gonna try that again
"Hey... Remember me?"

"Remember the times we've spent together, how much fun we had..."

"Hey Blake..." (y/n) said as he looked at the black haired girl and smiled.

"What is it?" She replied as she looked up from her book.

"I was thinking..."

"Oh no..."

"Why don't you smile often? I mean, come on Blake! Do me a favor, smile!"

Blake gave a small chuckle to (y/n)'s request. However despite chuckling, she never really did give so much as a small smile. No matter how much (y/n) asked and asked and asked, she would never smile. It was probably just something she doesn't do often, but even so, (y/n) never stopped trying.

"Remember how I tried to make you smile? I wouldn't stop trying 'till you did, but you never did smile, so I never did stop..."

"I remembered pulling you in for games that I played, they were so much fun for me so I wanted to see if they could make you smile..."

Blake was calmly sitting down on a cafe, reading a book before she was interrupted by a certain (h/c) haired individual.

"Blake! Let's play a game!" (y/n) yelled as he rushed to Blake with a board game on his hands.

"Hm... What's that?" She replied in her monotone voice.

"My favorite board game... 'Remnant:The Game', it's like the best game ever!" He said excitedly.

"Oh... cool..." She replied as she continued reading her book.

"Aren't you going to play it with me?"



"No (y/n)..."

"Pretty please?"

"(y/n)... no means no..."

"Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?" He says as he sets the board in front of her, in which she looks at it and sighs.

"You know what... sure... Anything to make you leave..."

"Haha! Awesome!" (y/n) yelled as he sat down at the chair directly opposite from Blake.

They played the board game for on and on, it seemed like hours but unfortunately on (y/n)'s side, he was losing, Blake only had one more move before (y/n) could lose his one territory and claim all of Remnant.

"And with this card... I defeated your forces and have won..." She said as she threw her Nevermore card on the board and won the game. (y/n) slammed his head on the table in defeat.

"Nooo.... Man... I thought you haven't played this before..." He sighed.

"Well... it's a really simple game..." She sighed before returning to her book, unaware of the smile (y/n) hid on his face. They continued to play even after this moment. Playing everyday of their life whenever they met. It soon became a hobby of both Blake and (y/n).

"I remembered letting you win, all the time, you weren't good at games like these... So I let you win..."

"I remembered the times you were hurt... How I've tried to cheer you up..."

"Blake?" (y/n) said in a questioning tone as he climbed the rooftop and sat beside her.

"Oh... hey (y/n)..." She said as she gave a small wave.

"What's the matter?" 

"Oh it's nothing..."

"You sure? I mean... if it's nothing... then it's something..." He said with a smile.

"It's just that... look... how many humans are like you?"

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"You know... a human.. that's friends with a faunus..."

"I don't... know..."

"See? It's hard to say because there aren't anymore!" She yelled as she stood up and ran off.

"B-Blake!" He yelled as he tried to run after her but was defeated by her physical capabilities.

"Eventually we grew up, moved to Beacon, and at that point everything about you changed..."

"You had a new team, a new life, a new you, little by little you have started to forget about me. You eventually got a boyfriend, and to be honest, it hurts seeing you two together..."

"Blake..." (y/n) sighed as he sat down on the chair he usually sits on to play with her.

Instead of seeing Blake by herself, he sees her with her new team RWBY and her boyfriend, Sun. (y/n) smiled as tears started flowing down his face as thoughts of why that couldn't be him flooded his mind.

"Great job Blake..." He says as he stood up and walked away leaving his board game behind on the table.

Blake didn't notice him leave at all. However while passing by the cafe, she did notice the board game he left behind and approached it.

She inspected it before realizing who it belonged to. "This is (y/n)'s!" she said to herself.

"E-Excuse me sir..." She said as she called for the waiter cleaning a table.

"Yes miss?"

"Did you see the man who sat here? He left something..."

"Uh... no unfortunately not..."

"A-Alright thanks..." She sighed as she picked up the board and headed back to the dorm with her teammates. 

"Little did I know, all I needed to do to make you happy... was to leave you alone..."

"Hey... I miss you... you know? I miss all the fun times we had together, all of it, I want it all to come back..."

Beacon was currently at a state of panic as different types of Grimm started to flood in and enter the city. Many people fought and many died in the process.

(y/n) was currently one of the huntsmen who joined the people on combat as they attacked both Atlas's robotic soldiers, and the Grimm.

He continued running and fighting until he noticed a certain black haired friend he knew from a long time ago. "Blake!" He said as he started running up to her but stopping in fear as he saw another person with her, Adam. He then mustered up the courage and ran towards him in anger.

"You... get away from her!" He yelled catching Adam's attention.

"Well well... who is this Blake?" He said mockingly.

"(y-y/n)... no... please..." She said weakly.

(y/n) dashed to Adam preparing to strike him with his weapon only to get knocked back and flung across the room. Adam looked at the (h/c) haired boy before looking back at Blake.

"Wow... that was pathetic... now... to finish you off..." He says as he prepared his sword and swung it. Blake closed her eyes and prepared for her moment of death, only for it to not come, instead she felt a warm liquid dripping on to her.

"H-Huh?" She looked up to see (y/n) in front of her, taking the hit.

"(Y/N)!" She yelled as he fell down, lifeless but not dead. She rushed in front of him and found herself in between (y/n) and Adam.

"Oh Blake... why must you hurt me so..." Adam sighed as he swung his sword again only to hit a fake clone of Blake as the real Blake carried (y/n) out and headed for the evacuation center.

"I wished I had more time to stay with you, to be with you... But I knew... I had to go..."

"B-Blake?" (y/n) opened his eyes as Blake continued to carry him.

"(y/n)... save your strength... we're almost there..." She says as she hurried up.

"Ehehe... it's useless..." He said with a smile.

"Shut up! You aren't dying today!" She yelled

"Listen to me Blake... By the time we reached the evacuation center, I would already be dead..." He said in a calm voice as Blake began to cry.

"Shut up! I won't let you die! I won't lose another one!" She yelled even louder.

"Blake... Let me down.."


"Blake... please..." She stayed quiet and obliged and sat down beside him, holding his hand. 

"Ehehe... thanks..." He said giving a slight chuckle as blood poured out from his mouth, Blake started crying as she gripped his hand harder.

"Why..." She muttered.


"Why would you want to die?!" She yelled startling him.

(y/n) stayed quiet and didn't answer her question.

"I don't want to lose another one! I don't want to lose you! You helped me so much! Why... why would you leave!" She yelled even louder and (y/n) gave a smile.

"Blake... I didn't help you... You helped yourself..."

"No! I couldn't have done any of this if it weren't for you! It was thanks to you I became a bit more social! It was because of you I made more friends! It was thanks to you that-"

"Blake..." (y/n) said interrupting Blake.

"Do me a favor... would you?" He said as he had a smile on his face.

"Smile..." he said as he looked at Blake, whose face is currently filled with tears. She looked back and cried a bit more before finally giving him a warm smile.

"Thank... you..." He says as he slowly closes his eyes and drifts away into death. Blake then lays her head on (y/n)'s chest, crying and mourning the death of a good friend.

"I hope you are happy now Blake... After all... That's all I ever wanted..."

"I love you, Blake..."

Like seriously! It's on wattpad and it ain't even under my name! Ugh...

Anyway... Anybody ever heard of Chiaki from "Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair"? If ya have then guess what? It's yer lucky day xD Byee!
Ooookkkaaayyy! I didn't upload for like a month xD I AM WORKING ON ONE THOUGH! I PROMISE! School just really has me by the neck and the fact that I have a job makes it harder to write nowadays xD But 2016 has been a great year on DA, considering its my first year anyway xD But seriously! A few months and 201 watchers? You guys are awesome! Anyway That's it see ya!

Like seriously! It's on wattpad and it ain't even under my name! Ugh...

Anyway... Anybody ever heard of Chiaki from "Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair"? If ya have then guess what? It's yer lucky day xD Byee!



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